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castadiva wedding

Covid-19 has wreaked havoc on weddings globally and chances are, if you are reading this, you may be among of the many couples around the world, forced to completely reimagine your big day.

While this is understandably a stressful and upsetting time, it’s important to remember that you are still in control of your wedding.

As you navigate the difficult decisions that need to be made, our team here at Castadiva is here for you. While we may not be able to change what has happened, we do have a lot of wedding expertise and we want to support you however we can as this situation unfolds.

Whether you have a new date, or are a little unsure of the details just yet, today we’re sharing our guide on how to get started.

Here are some positive steps you can take to reduce the stress of rescheduling when faced with saving a new wedding date.


Consult your Wedding Insurance & Contracts

That non-refundable policy might be giving you some serious heartache, but remember, this situation goes far beyond what could be foreseen in many contracts.

Just like you, your vendors have never experienced this situation before and chances are they will be understanding and will be eager to support you as best they can.

Before you reach out to them, it can be helpful to first consult both your wedding contracts and wedding insurance policy.

Did you take out a wedding insurance policy when you first started planning? Now is the time to take it out and review the T&C’s.
Once you have a better idea of what may or may not be covered, you can reach out to your insurance company, explain the circumstances and inquire what (if anything) will be covered.

Talk to Your Venue & Suppliers

As soon as you’ve made the decision to postpone or reschedule your wedding you will need to reach out to your venue, vendors and any suppliers involved with your wedding and let them know your new plans.
If you’re using a wedding planner, they may be able to help with some of these calls and emails or provide a list of everyone you need to talk to. They can also help you read through and navigate the vendor contracts you had in place.

As you reach out, keep in mind that your vendors are also business owners and a postponement will impact them, as well. Understand that everyone will need to work together to find the best possible solution for all parties.
It’s fine to email the vendor initially but we recommend setting aside some time to discuss on the phone or via video chat where possible.
Your head is most likely jam-packed with questions, so it can be helpful to prepare a list before making any calls.

– Will they give you a similar new date?
– If your new proposed date is not available, what are your options?
– Can you get your deposit back?
– If you move to a weekday wedding, will the price point be lower?

If we are on your vendor list, check out this post, to learn more about our Rescheduling Policy and how we can support you.

Make a Plan to Inform Your Guests

Letting your guests know about your rescheduled wedding can be a difficult and often overwhelming process, however, it is important to do this as soon as possible so that they can adjust their plans accordingly.

If you have made any travel or accommodation arrangements on their behalf, try to provide as much detail or support as possible for them to make the necessary changes.

Keep your wedding on their radar by letting them know that you’d still love them to join you, just on a different date.

This could be done by “change the date” wedding stationary, personalised postcards, an update on your wedding website or even by Whatsapp or text.

Celebrate the Day Anyway!

A lot of time and effort will have gone into planning your original wedding day – and you will no doubt always remember that date as “the day our wedding should have been”.

So, why not make a plan to celebrate and take back the date?!

While options may feel a little limited right now, there are still plenty of ways to mark your original wedding date safely from home.

– Host a “Virtual Cocktail Hour” with your bridal party, close friends and family
– Get dressed up and practicing your first dance in your living room
– Order some cupcakes in your wedding cake flavour
– If safe to do so, take a walk or drive to a spot that means a lot to you both. This could be where you got engaged, a first kiss or date or anywhere that might conjure up a special memory.
– Recreate the first drink or meal you ever shared together. (For bonus points, print out a menu from the bar or restaurant).

And our personal favourite,
Build a photo collage of some of your favourite shots together.

castadiva wedding

Kickstart Planning the New Day

Once you’ve picked your new date and informed your vendors and guests, it’s time to start the planning for your new wedding day!

While most of the big details may already be covered, you might want to use this extra time to look into making a few changes to suit your new proposed date. If your wedding is taking place in a different season, you may want to revisit your menu or flower arrangements.

If you are looking for a photographer or videographer to capture your new date, we’d love to speak with you! We are available at to chat through date availability and answer your questions.

castadiva wedding

And Lastly...

As we say in Italy, “Andrà tutto bene” Vedrai!” (Everything will be fine, you’ll see!)

Remember that whenever or wherever your wedding ultimately takes place, rest assured that your love story will still be told—and your loved ones will be there to support you.

Until then, try to soak up being engaged to the love of your life for just a little longer.

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